Phony Guacamole Is On The Rise

By | August 2, 2019| 0 Comments

Have you heard of the phony guacamole being served at some restaurants? Relax, it may still have some avocado but they are using a filler & its name is zucchini.

Due to the rising prices, many restaurants can’t afford to make pure guacamole. The price for a case of avocados has more than doubled from an average of 30 to 65.

Many other restaurants are even taking avocado off the menu. The good news is that avocado prices are expected to drop in September as Mexico ramps up their production.

Phony guacamole is not that bad, what is bad is when a restaurant doesn’t tell you they are using zucchini in their guac. If you want to give it a try at home you can check out our recipe here. Nothing can ever replace the delicious taste of pure fresh guacamole.

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