Mexican Cartels Impacting The Avocado Supply

By | February 19, 2020| 0 Comments

The avocado boom in Mexico has pulled parts of the country out of poverty in just 10 years, but the prosperity there turns deadly as money-hungry cartels take hold of the market. The cartels are at war with themselves while threatening growers and police departments with kidnapping, extortion, and murder. Cartels have been extorting & assaulting farmers to get a share of the fortune fruit.

But the cartels aren’t the only problem. Stehly said the water that feeds his farm is not what it used to be. The water now comes from the Colorado River instead of Northern California.

“I don’t have enough well water to irrigate everything on my farm,” said Stehly, a San Diego avocado grower. “The price of water has gone up exponentially. Our water system in the state of California is broken and nobody’s gonna fix it.”

The composition of the water has also changed with high levels of salt killing off his crop. The water issue is causing production on the farm to go down.

When possible, purchase Californian or local avocados to support local farmers & avoid paying a share to the cartels. Unfortunately, when Avocados are off-season locally they have to come in from Mexico which can lead to higher prices and low supply. We hope the Mexican farmers can regain control soon to restabilize the market.

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