Avocado options at every restaurant?

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You might be wondering, avocado options at every restaurant even somewhere like Starbucks? Short answer yes: YES!

starbucks avocado spread
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The avocado is getting a turbo boost from higher supply and lower prices, and restaurants are eager to attract avocado lovers.

Starbucks has added avocado spread to its permanent menu in the US and Canada after a successful test run last year, while Chili’s Grill & Bar this month began selling a hamburger with the fruit. Even fast-food chains such as Wendy’s are joining in.

At restaurants such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, where avocados have always been a big deal, the lower prices may mean wider margins while prices remain low. About half of the company’s orders include guacamole.

Restaurants are acting quickly to take advantage of lower avocado prices and their rising popularity.

Last month, Wendy’s added a southwest avocado chicken salad and sandwich to its lineup. Diners love the salad, even with its 600 calories.

The offering “is a salad we’re excited about that’s clearly resonating with consumers right now”, CEO Todd Penegor said earlier this month.

This is good news for us avocado lovers! Now we will have more places to eat our delicious fruit!

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