Africa To Sell Avocados To China

By | August 3, 2019| 0 Comments

Africa has been wanting to sell more products to China & the solution is avocados. Unlike the U.S. Africa wants to tap into the Chinese economy. They will capitalize on their trade war. Kenya is the continent’s biggest avocado exporter & they are looking to expand their sells to China.

China has imported 40,000 tons of avocados in 2018, a 5,000-ton difference since 2011. Kenya wants to join in on the action and has already signed a trade agreement that will include Kenya exporting avocados to China. China will be receiving frozen avocados but is currently working on an agreement for fresh as well.

China already imports natural resources from Africa including oil & diamonds and in return exports machinery & electronic goods. Now exporting produce including the delicious green fruit will surely benefit Kenya.

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